5 Big Ideas To Save Money With DIY Wedding Decorations

DIY Wedding Decorations Table Decorations

When it comes to wedding planning, often it’s our budgets that have the biggest say (yes, even more than the mother-in-law). Don’t let the dollar signs get you down, there are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding by doing your own decorations. 



DIY Wedding Decorations Table

Table decorations at your wedding can be the easiest way to save money, because less can be more. The key is to think of a simple idea and then multiply. You may think that just a few flowers and candles on the table might look basic, but take a step back and see the effect of blooms en masse and all those candles shimmering at once. Keep it simple on the tables with a table runner and a selection of items, but don’t go overboard with cluttering up the table space. Guests need enough room to comfortably use the dinnerware and glasses, plus it’s nice to have space for them to put their phones and purses with out fear of spilled drinks. Think a feature vase or décor piece, some artificial greenery or florals and some type of lighting, like candles or fairy lights. 



DIY Wedding Decorations Ceremony

Focus on what’s important. At the ceremony, the bridal party is like a featured artwork, and everything else becomes the decorative frame. Your ceremony decorations should lead the guests to look at the two people getting married – after all, it’s all about you! There are 3 main areas to concentrate your decorating dollars on – feature the wedding couple, highlight the bridal party and enhance the seating and aisle. It can be as simple as creating a frame for the wedding couple with a decorated arch or greenery wall back drop, hanging some birdcages or glass baubles, tying on some chair bows and sprinkling some petals.



DIY Wedding Decorations Hanging Jars

Depending on your venue choices and DIY commitment, making your decorations work double duty can save you from doubling up in the budget. If you have a couple of helpers amongst your guests, it’s possible to utilise the same decorations at both your ceremony and reception. That greenery wall you used at the ceremony, can become a bridal table backdrop or a photo wall. The chair bows from the ceremony can transport to the reception (maybe even the chairs too). Those decorations hanging from the ceremony tree can now adorn a special spot in the reception like a candy buffet, a bar or a wishing well table. A strategic plan and a small team, armed with some cable ties and s-hooks, could halve your spending.



DIY Wedding Decorations Bonbonniere

Another take on the double duty decorations is to choose items that act as thank you gifts for your guests. Tealight candles, mini terrariums, mini fishbowl vases with succulents, colour themed lollies in pretty jars – the ideas are endless. You’ll get double bang for your wedding buck if the gift you give can decorate your reception before it heads home with a guest. Add a fancy name-tag to make it a placeholder and now you’ve got a triple threat!



DIY Wedding Decorations

Think of ways to reuse your wedding decorations after your wedding – reuse them at home, as gifts and for future parties and events. Give your home an instant refresh by adding those birdcages, terrariums, vases and candleholders to your own home décor collection. Update them as the seasons change for a recurring fresh look. It’s nice to have a few extras on hand too, for those future dinner parties when you want to do something a bit extra to wow your guests. “But I have 90 vases from my wedding!” we hear you say! Other than keeping them for yourself, wedding decorations can make wonderful gift ideas. A little bit of creative application and you’ll continue to save yourself money on buying prezzies throughout the year.